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We are specialists in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP's), Client Relationship Management Systems (CRM's), reporting, and business process automation.


Implementing an ERP solution has the potential to reduce cost and increase productivity, flexibility and stability. Our experienced team provides the guidance and services to plan, implement, enhance and manage your AdaxaSuite, ADempiere or iDempiere ERP solution.


Our team has significant experience developing customised applications using SugarCRM, Sugar CE and SuiteCRM, including designing and implementing public-facing web portal solutions and other integrations to maximise the value and currency of your CRM.


A system is an enabler, and business insight is a strategic opportunity. We can help you analyse and report on your data with a focus on ensuring you are capitalising on your data assets and aligning your analysis with your business goals.


Systems allow companies to automate business processes according to pre-defined rules. We assist you to unlock this potential and reduce administrative costs and time relating to manual process handling. Eliminating errors and freeing up resources.


Training is often neglected which means missing a huge opportunity to encourage system adoption and gain employee buy-in.  We will help your team create a customized AdaxaSuite, ADempiere, iDempiere, or CRM training program to quickly get staff members up to speed while gaining immediate value and managing the change.

World Leading CRM Platform

SugarCRM empowers organizations to create exceptional client relationships with the most creative, adaptable and moderate CRM solution in the market.  Offering powerful, integrated capabilities with sales, marketing and service tools combined into one unified solution. SugarCRM allows your business to begin marketing to targets, leads and contacts whilst tracking engagement levels to allow for business relationships to grow. The platform focuses on user efficiency and customer feedback to allow for a more positive user experience from both ends of the communication line. With everything tied into one system, you can experience real value in, arguably, the world's most all-encompassing CRM system.

Mature Solution

We offer a complete solution which integrates with most main stream applications such as Outlook, Google App and financial packages such as Quick Books and Xero Accounting. Enabling you to have an end-to-end business solution. 

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CRM recruitment

CRM-Recruitment is a customized and tuned Applicant Tracking System based on SugarCRM and compatible with any version of SugarCRM, as well as free editions – SugarCRM Community or SuiteCRM.

The functionality includes both original Sugar modules and custom modules developed by our team together with highly experienced recruiting specialists.

CRM-Recruitment is aimed at providing a highly adjustable, low-cost software-as-a-service applicant tracking system, thus bringing the best solution to recruiters and managers, and easing their everyday life.

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About NTS

In an ever more competitive market where you are increasingly stretched for time, where decisions built on sound and timely insight give the edge and small margins are the difference between success and failure, NTS empowers your organisation through systems. Giving you the freedom to be the best you.

Our core beliefs

  • Your organisation is unique and your system must capture your uniqueness
  • If you can’t measure it, you can’t understand it
  • If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it
  • If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it

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